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Our History

The Association of Bong Miners came into existence in 1996 during the Liberian Civil War. The community of Bong Mines was horribly affected by the war. Hospitals, schools, homes, and historic landmarks were either severely damaged or destroyed. As a result, Bong Miners displaced in the diaspora decided to come together and form a group to unite and reach out to help the Bong Mines community in Bong County, Liberia. The ABM was formed and our mission has been to help our Liberian Bong Mines Community.  Bong Mines communities location include, the concession areas, Varney's town, Yeabla, Cephus Town, John's Hill, Katakuta, Nyannyan... Schools: Bong Educational Center, Bong Community High School. Christain T. Norman, JDK Baker Mission School, etc.

We believe all Bong Miners can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can give back.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference by giving back to the Bong Mines community! The Association of Bong Miners (A.B.M.), is a charitable non-profit organization established by former residents of the town of Bong Mines, in Bong County Liberia. Our purpose is to organize and give back to the community by assisting the current residents of the Bong Mine community in the areas of health, education, sanitation, agriculture and empowerment in order to reverse dependency.

Our Mission

Our Vision

By collaborating, cooperating, and networking with individuals, other organizations in all sectors including but not limited to like-minded humanitarian and philanthropically organizations including churches and other houses of faith, the Association of Bong Miners secures funding to underwrite and support the community of Bong Mines. The association undertakes fundraisers to support pillars of the community like hospitals, schools, infrastructure for other projects to benefit the community as a whole.

We Need Your Support Today!

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