ABM Leadership

Benedict Philips

Helen Williams

Vice President

Principle Deputy to the

President of ABM

J. Emmanuel Russ

Acting General Secretary

Maintains all official Records and Documents of ABM

Lydia Fallah-Lloyd

National Treasurer

Chief Financial Custodian of ABM

Musa Konneh

Financial Secretary

Chief recorder of all funds and dues for ABM

Sarah Jackson


Spiritual welfare of members of ABM


Chief Executive Officer

Chief Spokesperson of ABM

Association of
Bong Miners

The Association of Bong Miners (A.B.M.), is a charitable non-profit organization established by former residents of the town of Bong Mines, in Bong County Liberia.

Email: bongminerscommunity@gmail.com

Phone: 703-994-6384

Registered Charity: 47-3406932

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